All About Me

24, Artist, Weeb, INFP-T

I'm a 24 year old hobby artist that reside in my little corners on the internet. I'm sometimes a writer when I have any inspiration. I created this website because want to have a home for myself, my art and my interests. I wanted to have a place to myself and want to feel comfortable to share my thoughts and my hobbies without bringing attention to myself like what social media is usually made to do. I also want to bring my own projects out into the world and be enjoyed by many people. It's been a goal of mine since I was a little kid.

I'm also a Linux user. I'm currently using Linux Mint 20, previously used Ubuntu 20.04. I also occasionally use Windows for anything that isn't compatible with Linux.

Here's my Pixiv. I mostly post my art there: Link to my Pixiv account

Contact and Links

If for some reason you want to contact me about something. Either asking a question or just want to chat, here's where I'm available. Keep in mind, I don't talk much and it would be a nice gesture if you tell me ahead of time.

Contact Me
My Socials

These are my socials that I use, though most are inactive. I'm keeping my number of active social accounts small.

  • Comfy Social(Misskey account)
  • SpaceHey
  • BitView
  • Listography
  • Art Accounts

  • Calckey.Art(Main art account)
  • Misskey(old account)
  • PixelFed
  • DeviantART
  • NewGrounds
  • ArchiveOfOurOwn

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