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This has been bothering me for the past year or so and i want to talk about it


Unfortunately, my tone in this will be a bit different than my usual writing on here. More... Blunt and honest? More "cut to the chase"? I don't know, but I know for sure not many people would like this post if people happen to stumble upon this blog. So here I go.

There's a lot of things that I don't understand on the modern internet, most specifically, the people on the modern internet. There's a lot of things people do similarly on their profiles that I simply don't understand and why would anyone do it.

To start off, I honestly don't understand DNIs. I remember for a short time making one, posted it and instantly feel retarded. Why do anyone do this and what do they accomplish? Even if you list the kinds of people you don't want interacting with you, they wouldn't care anyway. A racist would NOT care if you hate them, they will still bother you, like any other bully would. I also don't understand why do anyone list all their triggers just for anyone to use it against them. You're literally going, "Hey guys! Please bully me! Here's a list of things you can harass and bully me about! :D".

People would say, "It's because they want you to know that they have trauma.", but why? Why tell ME this? I'm not your friend. I'm not a trusted family member of yours. I'm not your therapist. I just a stranger on the internet. Why tell strangers about your deep trauma and fears. This doesn't make any sense.

People would think I'm just being a jerk, but let's be honest. Why take the time of your day to create a Carrd and just list all of these things that can be easily used to bully you. You're really are just putting a "Kick me!" sign on your back at that point.

Another thing I don't understand for the life of me is kinning. Like, why? It looks really unhealthy to immerse yourself and be one with a certain character, or worse, another REAL PERSON. Your identity can't be a fictional character or another human being. That's just mentally insane. I'm not even going to touch "people in systems" or whatever it is...

Yeah I know, "Let people do whatever they want! They're not hurting anyone! >:O". Sure, they aren't hurting anyone, but it makes others think this odd behavior is normal. My biggest question is this: Do we have a line that we shouldn't cross with things like this? Like sure, no one is getting killed for calling themselves We/Us/Our or something or kinning Michael jackson, but I'm starting to feel a bit concerned about the mental state of these kinds of people.

They get too immersed in all of this and think this is true reality. It sounds similar to psychosis. Giving them a little bit of reasoning and you'll only recieve angry, emotionally charged comments and probably tell you to die in a fire. This is a few of my reasons why I don't like interacting with people in general: they're insane and extremely hard to understand.

Society is trying to be more open and accepting of people who are different, and that's fine, but when people are starting to accept creepy or extremely obsessive behaviors like kinning real people, wishing to kill people for liking a ship one doesn't like, or thinking anything of fiction affects reality or IS reality, I feel like we already cross some sort of line...

Thanks for Reading

Posted on 2022/04/07