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Some Things I Bought Online: Pretty Cure

I wanted to show off somethings I ordered a week ago that have delivered today!

I have been getting back into Pretty Cure after so long and started watching Tropical Rouge PreCure since it just ended recently. I'm really enjoying it and decided to buy merchandise of it. I ordered these items from an online store called Blippo and they have some cute things(before anyone says anything, no I'm not sponsored lol). I only bought small things for now, but eventually will try to buy from Amazon Japan(Their shipping so SO expensive though (╥﹏╥))

This post will be more of me dumping images with some simple cute editing of course. I apologize for the bad camera quality. I have an older tablet, so the images aren't that high quality...

rUFV9x.md.png rUF9LH.md.png rUFda1.md.png rUFBkc.md.png

I bought a Healing Good PreCure Notebook too. It's cute and small, so why not, right?

It also came with a free gift! It was a little unicorn charm and it was so cute!

Bonus: I already bought this in February on eBay. Since I'm talking about Pretty Cure, I have to add this image too(I also bought pencil cap covers that were Smile Pretty Cure, but I don't think it's necessary to take a pic of it because they were small, and I got them last year).


After finishing Tropical Rouge, I wanted to finish watching HeartCatch PreCure, because I didn't finish watching it in 2011. I realize that was over 10 years ago...

Wanting to make more happier posts similar to this, just posting things I buy, draw, or just simply about something I'm interested in. Something a little different here.


Posted on 2022/03/16