Page is still a WIP. Welcome to my Girls' Frontline fan page. I made this page dedicated to writing about why I enjoy the game, while also providing links for people to know more about it.

Girls' Frontline

Near the end of 2021, I was searching for new gacha games to play because Genshin Impact no longer interest me, as the game itself became tedious with grinding(artifacts are a sin) and getting characters through a gacha system that mostly requires actual money(and lots of it) to get what I want. Being F2P, playing the game became a chore, and the updates make the game more unenjoyable for me. The fandom is no better either.

I stumble across another gacha game that's much older, called Girls Frontline, a game which its story takes place in 2060 in a post-apocalyptic setting after WWIII.

About the Game

I want to perfectly describe the game without leaving too much out or writing paragraph after paragraph. Personally, it's hard for me to fully describe this game without either accidentally spoiling parts of the story, or without anyone being confused in any way(It's also hard for me to describe things in general). So, here's a snippet from the unofficial English wiki about the basics of the game:

Girls' Frontline, known as 少女前线 or 少前 in Simplified Chinese, 少女前線 in Traditional Chinese, 소녀전선 in Korean and ドールズフロントライン (Doll's Frontline) or ドルフロ in Japanese, is a turn-based strategy game with gacha and resources management components for Apple and Android smartphones developed by Sunborn, with technology from Criware and Live2D, soundtrack by Vanguard Sound and animated sequences by Liverless. The game was made available in Mainland China on May 20, 2016, in Taiwan and Hong Kong on January 18, 2017, in South Korea on June 30, 2017, in a worldwide English version on May 8, 2018, and in Japan on July 1st, 2018.

The main concept of Girls' Frontline is to have the players collect Tactical Dolls, feminine androids named after the real-world firearm they are using, depicted and voiced by an expansive cast of artists and actors. T-Dolls are upgraded and used to fight against computer-controlled enemies. The game supports regular limited time events, sometimes in collaboration with other franchises, and paid-for in-game bonuses, and has added numerous features over its lifetime, creating a complex set of unit statistics and management features.

Yes, this is still long, but it's pretty basic. In short, it's a android gun waifu collecting game that takes place in a dark, post apocalyptic setting with a dark story. I think that's pretty neat.

I became interested in playing a game that's a bit different that what I usually play, and I thought to give this one a shot(no pun intended). Also, seeing Python's design on the wiki and thought she looked cool was also enough for me to start playing this game(lol).

I've been playing this game since early December of 2021, and still enjoy the game. I'm not really up-to-date with the story and a bit behind, but I enjoy the story so far(I'm only up to Arctic Warfare arc).

Why I just Like The Game

Since playing, I've been enjoying the game overall, from the game mechanics, to the story itself, and mostly the characters themselves. Yes, the story is dark(and I'm not really that far in, but people say that it gets darker. Geez lol), and there's too many in-game mechanisms, but I still enjoy the game nonetheless.

Getting more T-Dolls through "production" from free resources makes the game very F2P friendly. The only thing in the game that costs real money is skins(costumes to let the characters wear), which doesn't impact gameplay, it just makes them look prettier. I like that this game doesn't determine a doll being a good DPS or support just by their rarity. There's plenty of T-Dolls that are 5 stars that aren't the best in every situation, like PA-15. She was my first 5 star, and she wasn't the best, as her skill isn't really good and only paralyzes an enemy and everyone behind it.

The story is good, but it's mostly about certain teams, like the AR Team, 404 Squad, and sometimes Task Force DEFY(I haven't went that far in the story yet to see them in-game). I'm not the most interested in the characters that get the most focus, but mostly interested in other characters that get less attention, like Thompson or AEK-999. I don't dislike the characters from the teams I listed. In fact, I like M16A1. I just simply like other Dolls that just so happen to get less attention.

My Echelons

Echelons is just another word for teams here. I'm simply will show a gallery of active echelons I frequently use. I'll update the screenshots when I make any changes or upgrades. I'm also going to simply list my favorite T-Dolls in a list as well, because I simply can.

Echelon 1

Main echelon I use. I only now use this team when enemies aren't too strong.

Echelon 2

My second and favorite echelon. I mainly use this team for the most part, as enemies in later chapters get stronger, and the Shield Fairy protects them. Also, a couple of my most favorites are in this echelon(Thompson and SL8)

Echelon 3

Third echelon. This isn't really used. Still in the process of leveling them and getting them to MOD3 eventually. As of now, I only use them for clearing older stages to get silver medals.

Echelon 4

My forth team. Main used for night battles, which are a bit harder than normal day battles. This team can pierce through armored enemies.

Favorite T-Dolls

Here's a simple list of my favorite T-Dolls. Some I frequently use in echelons, or I find them cool and simply like them. This isn't the full list, or this will be much longer.
To do: Add image when hovering over text
  • Thompson
  • Grizzly MkV
  • SL8
  • Welrod MkII
  • PM1910
  • VSK-94
  • Lee Enfield
  • FG42
  • Springfield
  • HK512

There are websites that I frequent related to Girls' Frontline, from Guides, to community forums. Also including other links that are helpful while playing this game.