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This is just a collection of links that I like to go on. Some of these are from my bookmarks and since this is my own space, why not add them here too?


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  • Website Links

    Some fun games and stuff that I find around the internet. Take a look and maybe you'll find a new favorite website!

    NOTE: This list will be constantly updated. Recently added links will be marked as "new" beside them.

    Fun Websites

  • BeepBox- An online music creator
  • A list of Kaomojis
  • CHARAT.ME- A Japanese avatar maker website(I personally like this more than Picrew)
  • City Creator- A fun little game where you create your own city
  • A website to learn about the decentralized web called the Fediverse
  • Minako's Sailor Moon Page- A fansite about Sailor Moon (mostly in German)
  • An online radio that play Japanese and Korean music.
  • Cute Kawaii Resources- A website full of kawaii icons, pixel graphics, and printables
  • Blogs

  • Menheratic- An informative blog about the Menhera subculture
  • Webcomics

  • StupidFox- A fun webcomic created by Emily Y. Chan about a fox and his friends
  • Lackadaisy- A popular webcomic created by Tracy J. Butler about anthropomorphic cats in the Prohibition era in the 1920s
  • Spaicy Project- A multimedia project by LoulouVZ that has a comic, animations, and a game in development.
  • Helpful Tools and Stuff

    Some things that may or may not be helpful, but I want to add these from my bookmarks. Maybe someone else could find these useful too?

  • Waifu2x - Image resizer (Probably the best)
  • Imagefu Button maker - A simple Button maker
  • PostImages - An Image hosting website
  • LensDump - Another Image hosting website(My personal favorite)
  • Color Hunt - A website full of different color palettes
  • Code Beautify HTML Viewer - A very useful HTML viewer
  • - An anime scene search. A tool for searching an anime by screenshot.
  • Sadgrl's Layout Builder - A layout builder for those who don't know HTML and CSS

  • Buttons

    NOTE: This section is always a work in progress and this list will grow with time.

    Website Buttons

    Here's some different websites from different people from around the web!

    Fool Lovers Cutie Internet Archive Whimsical! ASTERISM Anime Sacred Realm REVIVAL Inkposting NyaFanatic

    Websites w/o Banners

    Websites that have no banners goes in this category. Mostly because I can't find their banner or they simply didn't have one.

    no banner no banner