A Little Help From a Crow

Created on: ?? ??, 2016

The Gloomy fog covered the sky, making an eerie atmosphere. There were crows flying around a tree and landed on its branches.

"Today is a great day." One of the crows spoked.

"Lovely weather were having." The other crow replied.

There was a small deer wandering the unpleasantly, dark forest. It looks looks like shes looking for something.

"Mom," The deer called, "Where are you?"

The crows stared at the deer while shes looking for her mother.

"Should we do something?" One of the crows asked worryingly.

"Let her waste her time..." The other crow answered.

"Yeah," A large crow said, "We don't help other animals"

The crows flew away except for one crow. The crow looked down at the deer again, and flew down in front of the deer. "Hey," Said the friendly crow, "I'll look for your mother."

"Really?!" asked the excited deer.

"Sure, answered the friendly crow, "Just wait here OK?"

The deer stood still where she at, and the crow flew above the forest. The crow finally spotted hr mother near the lake. The crow flew down in front of the tall deer. "Hey there," Greeted friendly crow, "I'm here to tell you I know where your daughter is."

"Really?" asked the mother of the young deer.

"Yes." The crow answered.

They both walked until they found the young deer.

"Mom!" The young deer shouted in happiness.

"Thank heavens you're OK!" The mother deer said with relief.

"Thank-" The mother deer stopped, "I never catch your name..."

"My name is Ace." The friendly crow replied and smiled at them.

The Deers smiled back.

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