A Thousand Eyes

Created on: February 19th, 2019

A woman with a thousand eyes stood in front of me. She pointed behind me, I turned around and there was a man with no eyes.

She then told me:

"He cannot see your traumas, therefore, he cannot understand"

She pointed again at her left to a man with no nose and said to me again:

"He cannot smell, therefore, cannot remember"

Then once again pointed at a man to her right who looked normal, but when I hold my hand against his chest, there was no heartbeat

She said once more:

"He cannot feel the beat of his heart, therefore, he cannot feel empathy or love"

And she pointed to the glass floor with people with no mouth

She said one last time:

"They cannot speak, therefore, they cannot speak the truth and tell you how much they care"

She then vanished with only a piece of paper that read a strange question: Can you feel the beat of your own heart? Can you speak the truth? Can you see past everything that hurt you... And move on?

All I felt was tears flowing out of my eyes, and wouldn't stop. I couldn't stop crying from the pain I see, felt, and experienced. Tears wouldn't stop falling. They started to flow like waterfalls, causing the whole temple to start flooding.

My cries echoed throughout the place and started to sound like screams. I felt regret about the pain I gave to people, and the regrets I gave them. They all probably hate me, I thought. I thought they loved me, I thought they liked me, I thought they understood... But of course they didn't. They lied. They just want me to feel bad.

"These are just delusions... They don't mean anything," The woman appeared again, bending down and putting her hand on my shoulder, "People love you, it's just that they want to know if you love them back"

She paused, "Do you love them back?"

"I don't know," I said with a crack in my voice,"I can't trust anyone..."

"Only you can control how you feel about people, not I, nor anyone else"

She then vanished once more...

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