Created on: Autumn of 2011

It was a cold and windy evening; every leaf is excited that they will fall from the trees. I was sitting still on the tree; I don’t know what to do before I fall from the tree.

“Hi Kayla, what should we do before we fall?” Katy asks me.

“I don’t know, Katy. What can we do?” I ask her.


As Katy was thinking, I heard someone crying. I turned around and saw another leaf crying two feet away from me.

“I wonder why he’s crying…” I said.

“What’s wrong?” I asked the crying leaf.

“I don’t want to fall; I want to live on this tree forever. I don’t want to die.” He said.

“But-“I don’t know what say.

“But that’s not how it goes, we will not die.” I said to him.

“Yes we will, like my parents. They died as they fall right out of this tree.” He said.

I sighed.

“Maybe if we fall together, it won’t be so bad!” I said.

“You know what, it’s not a bad idea!” he said.

As we swayed in the wind we fell together and he was happy. We fell on the ground and we were blown down the street…


NOTE: This is made as a writing assignment in the 7th grade. I think I got an A or a B... I forgot lol

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