❤ All About Me!

I'm a 22 year old artist that reside in my little corners within this 2nd universe called the internet. I'm an artist and sometimes a writer when I have any inspiration. I'm hoping to bring my own projects out into the world and be enjoyed by many people.

I'm also a Linux user. I'm currently using Linux Mint 20, previously used Ubuntu 20.04. I also occasionally use Windows for anything that isn't compatible with Linux.

❤ Things I enjoy

  • Drawing(a lot)
  • Writing (original and fanfics)
  • Video games (Rhythm, RPG, Puzzle)
  • Music (a lot of genres)
  • Anime and Manga (Pokemon,Touhou, Panty and Stocking)
  • Cartoons (Spongebob is the best!)
  • 2000s Nostalgia

  • ❤ Things I draw

  • Anthro(kinda)
  • Fantasy creatures
  • Manga style(I try lol)
  • Kawaii/Cute
  • Fan Art(ocassionally)

  • ©repth