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Cytus II

Back to playing Cytus II. It's pretty good rhythm game!

 I've been going back to playing Cytus 2 after not playing for almost five years(mostly due to my older tablet having trouble with multi touch, only detecting as only one). I originally played it back in 2019, while the game was free to get for a limited time. It was also during the time when they released DLC of Miku and, at the time, HAD to buy it.

 Feeling at bit nostalgic playing it. I remember first playing Cytus Lambda back in 2013, for the PlayStation Vita. It even introduced me to the indie band, Mili. "Chocological" is still a favorite of mine. Sadly, due to the closure of PlayStation Mobile, being able to play Cytus is basically impossible, losing all those Million Masters on many songs. Bummer...
The PS Vita is an awesome handheld!

Posted on 2024/02/11

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