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Planning to Write Fanfics Again

Returning to doing something that was fun for me.

 For many years, I always created fanfics of many things I that I enjoy. The first thing I remember writing was a SonAmy fanfic when I was 7 or 8(it wasn't the Rival Girls one that I listed in my writing page). I enjoy writing because it helps me try to be creative and come up with different ideas. What I enjoyed most while creating fanfiction is putting characters in an alternate universe(or an AU for short) and trying to make a creative plot and setting for them to be in and see where it can go.

Going into my actual point of this post, is that I'm recreating a fanfic series that I used to write back in 2011, over ten years ago. It's called "An Eevee's Adventure"(used to be called simply "Eeveelutions"), being based on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. More specifically, Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky. I've written it during the days when I was in middle school and was obsessed with the games. I eventually went into severe writer's block and losing motivation over time in 2013. There were times when I started writing another story within this series, but ended up abandoning it.

As a lot of time went on, I started this website to go back to the days when I was having fun on the internet, and decided to archive every thing I created that I was happy about and worth archiving. From art to original writing and fanfiction. I even started creating fanpages writing about things I enjoy.

I started to rewrite the first chapter of An Eevee's Adventure during my birthday this year and currently planning the rest of "Book 1" of this series. I'm also planning on archiving the original 2011 version on here, as I already did on AO3.

Also, I'm not dead, nor did I abandoned this site. Don't worry. Life just sucks at the moment and have to focus more on that.

See ya next time when I post again.

Thanks for Reading ♥️

Posted on 2023/09/09