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Name: Nalily

Age: 200 years

Sex: Female

Height: 4'8" (122 cm)

Weight: Unknown

Species: Vunian


For a creature that was born with no arms, she has a heart full of hope and love to share with everyone. She was abandoned by her family due to her lack of arms, thinking they cannot take care of her properly. Feeling lonely and wandering, She went on an adventure to find a place to call a home. In her free time, She likes to bake and eat sweets and likes to play and make everyone smile. She can be sensitive and a little too empathetic, that she will feel hurt when someone else feel hurt.


She was born on a planet called Vuni. She was born without arms and can't do a lot of things the other Vunians do. Because of this, She was often bullied and picked on and shunned. Having this as most of her interactions with others, She only feels fear of others and scared to be picked on and ridiculed because of her defect.

Her parents knowing all this, they decided to abandoned her by leaving her at a park. Obviously, this was a terrible idea and only left her feeling like She doesn't deserve love and feeling unloved. She thought of finding a new home to feel loved and belong, She goes on a long search for this dream to be a reality.

She loves a lot of things that taste sweet, like candies or cake. She also enjoys frilly dresses and skirts as they make her feel pretty.

She loves meeting friendly people that are open minded like her and aren't quick to judge her. She also enjoys the night sky, where she can watch the stars all night.

Extra notes: She was an old character that I created as a mascot for my very old website back in 2017. She was mostly posted on my old Instagram at the time.

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