Welcome to my newer version of my original character directory. I really hated the old one and now it looks much better!

Here's where I'll put some of my own characters that I create. Putting them here because Toyhou.se and its community isn't so great...(I will still provide a Toyhouse link to each of them if available, but they're not up-to-date)

I'll be adding characters based on certain projects I've been working on. I have A LOT, so it'll take a while before being near finished...

Testing things at the moment

By project/series:

The Notes of MAGIC | Heart of CRYSTALS | Power UP! |

Other: General Characters

The Notes of MAGIC Project

I'll only be adding the main cast. If I were to add all characters from this project, it'll take forever and it'll clog up 90% of this page.

Rena Risa Starli Ren Prinnie

Heart of CRYSTALS Project

Work in progress...

Power UP! Project

Sapphire Lollie Mary Xane

General Characters

These are characters that are not part of a specific project at the moment.

River Nalily ゆめ