Welcome to my newer version of my original character directory. I really hated the old one and now it looks much better!

Here's where I'll put some of my own characters that I create. Putting them here because Toyhou.se and its community isn't so great...(I will still provide a Toyhouse link to each of them if available, but they're not up-to-date)

I'll be adding characters based on certain projects I've been working on. I have A LOT, so it'll take a while before being near finished...

Testing things at the moment

By project/series:

The Notes of MAGIC | Heart of CRYSTALS |

Other: General Characters

The Notes of MAGIC Project

I'll only be adding the main cast. If I were to add all characters from this project, it'll take forever and it'll clog up 90% of this page.

Rena Risa Starli Ren Prinnie

Heart of CRYSTALS Project

Work in progress...

General Characters

These are characters that are not part of a specific project at the moment.

River Nalily