Welcome to my newer version of my original character directory. I really hated the old one and now it looks much better!

Here's where I'll put some of my own characters that I create. Putting them here because Toyhou.se and its community isn't so great...(I will still provide a Toyhouse link to each of them if available, but they're not up-to-date)

I'll be adding characters based on certain projects I've been working on. I have A LOT, so it'll take a while before being near finished...

Testing things at the moment


Name: Mary Mahogany

Age: 20 years

Sex: Female

Height: 4'9" (165.1 cm)

Weight: Unknown

Species: Alari


Music Genre: Country

Mary is a bright lady that is usually in a happy mood. She likes to figures of speech and frequetly uses them, from similes, to idioms and many in between. She likes wearing pattern clothes like plaid or argyle and doesn't enjoy dubstep music. She likes colder weather and doesnt like the summer.