Welcome to my newer version of my original character directory. I really hated the old one and now it looks much better!

Here's where I'll put some of my own characters that I create. Putting them here because Toyhou.se and its community isn't so great...(I will still provide a Toyhouse link to each of them if available, but they're not up-to-date)

I'll be adding characters based on certain projects I've been working on. I have A LOT, so it'll take a while before being near finished...

Testing things at the moment

Rena Laetitia

Name: Rena Laetitia

Age: 21 years

Sex: Female

Height: 5'1"(155.4 cm)

Weight: 103 lbs.

Species: Unknown

Birthday: July 4th

Rena desires for world peace. Even if it sounds outrageous and impossible, she'll still find a way. She always motivate her friends to do their very best. She has a pet named Purnie that she loves.

Rena doesn't know much about herself besides her own name. She doesn't know why she was sent to live with her aunt and her sister, Risa. This is what set herself off on her own journey to find her identity and herself as a whole.

Refsheet link(Still a WIP)